Rachel's Rach’s Peachy Morning Suprise

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Last weekend I spontaneously drove up to Christchurch to visit Mum and spend the weekend with her. She loves a bowl of peaches every morning followed by a piece of toast, but I wanted to surprise her with an extra special Saturday morning breakfast in bed. So I mixed her favourite breakfast foods into one delicious Peachy Morning Surprise! It was delicious!


>MacKenzie Stoneground Wholemeal bread (although alternatively you could buy a fresh loaf of Sourdough bread which balances out the sweetness of the peaches. My Mum and I both have a sweet tooth so using this bread suited us and was scrummy with the peaches!)

>Puhoi Valley Ricotta cheese

>Tin of Watties Lite Peaches

>Sprinkle of Cinnamon/Nutmeg


Toast the MacKenzie Stoneground Wholemeal bread (it’s quite filling, we had one slice each cut into two pieces!). Spread the Puhoi Valley Ricotta liberally over toast. Place a few sliced peaches ontop of the Ricotta and drizzle peach juice over top. Add a sprinkle of ground Cinnamon or Nutmeg if desired!

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