vicky's pork bones and puha and fried bread

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its a maori traditional dish which they use on cold days or family get together its absolutely amazing esp with dough boys in it too with fried bread


bag of pork bones chuck that into a big pot with water above coving meat than boil it till it starts to bubble than chop up some cabbage or whatever you want to use for it like puha, or watercress chuck that into the pot and than make up some dough boys two cups of flour with pinch of salt and mix that in with cold water till ots like dough than make them into little balls and stick them into the pot and let it boil in with meat until the meat is cooked n dough and meat is nice and soft n falling of the bone yummm…


firstly 1: get a bag of porkbones put in a pot

2: fill up with water and than put on stove to cook till it boils

3: chop up some potatoes/cabbage/watercress/puha/kumara etc whatever you want in your dish and stick them in after water boiling

4: make up some dough boys and roll them up into little balls and stick them in

5: wait till they are ready keep checking if meats ready and should have meat all nice n soft where its actually falling of the bone its amazing :)

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