Todd's Paua and Blue Cod Frittes with Granny’s Beetroot Relish.

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Growing up in the Wairarapa, most summer weekends were spent at the beach, diving and fishing. With an abundance of paua and blue cod at times, this ulitmate kiwi seafood delight was born at the batch on the coal range with grans watchful eye.



Blue cod


Champion Flour

1/2 tsp Edmond’s baking powder


Salt and pepper





  1. Bleed pauas out for 3 days until soft then mince
  2. In a bowl add paua, egg, salt and pepper and mix
  3. Dice blue cod, add enough flour so paua mix holds and add baking powder
  4. lastly fold in blue cod
  5. Fry in oil till golden brown turning once
  6. Spoon relish on top and let your taste buds go wild…

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