Sasha's No Bake Bread & Butter Pud 3 Ways!

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This recipe came about in a moment of utter desperation. It happened to be the ’non-forgiving’ week and I was craving Bread and Butter Pudding so bad I could literally just skip the ”Bake at 180C for 40 minutes” part and tip the mixture into a pan and fry it….So I did. Enjoy.


(Serves One)

2 pcs The best white bread you can find

1 Free Range Egg

2 t Raw Sugar

1/4 t Vanilla

* 1T Sweetened condensed milk (optional)

100mls puhoi milk of choice (spiced white chic)

pinch of cinnamon


You want to rip that bread up pretty small. Maybe 3×1.5cm ish?

Add bread and other ingredients into a bowl and combine.

If!?!? you do have a little patience. leaving the mix to sit for 5 minutes does make all the difference. You want the bread to soak up all the liquid, and be all soggy and undesirable looking. If it needs more liquid go ahead and ad more of your puhoi favourite.

I use a case-iron pan for this next bit.

while you were stirring

– your pan would be heating up.

go ahead and put a generous about of butter in there.

– you will also be thinking about which of the 3 ways you can have your Pud.

1 – Choc Coco nut

simple and delicious. Cut to the chase and put an good ole mini Kiwi Choc Bar in a cup and tip cooked bread mixture on top and let the sucker melt.

2 – Baa – Wreck – Fast

While the bead mixture is cooking – you will have a couple of rashes of Bacon and Banana frying in another pan serve with a little scoop of Puhoi vanilla ice cream.

3 – The week before (this one is good for partners who have girlfriends that are due on) Grab a Milky bar (small one from the counter at the super market) and some frozen raspberries. dump them in the bread mix and cook all together.

To Serve.

Pile into a mug

Add additional ice cream, cream, milk or butter (Nobody’s judging.)

grab a eating utensil and then put the contents of the cup into your face and reflect on your achievements.

3 and a half minutes of satisfaction.

You’re welcome :)

Tell us what you think of this Kiwi Fave!