Katrina's Mini Muffs

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My mother taught me, it is so simple but can be made in so many tasty ways, I altered the way she does it but each to their own, their not messy easy to make and easy to take anywhere.. . like to make it with anyone that is interested in baking (which is usually no-one, they just like eating it)


1 cup of flour

2 t baking powder

1/2 c milk

1 beaten egg

Pinch cayenne pepper

grated cheese



cream cheese

sweet chilli



Add flour, baking powder, milk and cheese into a bowl. (the cheesier the better for me) Beat egg and add to mix. I like to add cayenne pepper for a nice spicy kick. Combine with butter knife or a fork and away you go!

Spray little muffin tins, put a spoonful in each muffin case, add cheese on top, cook for 12mins at 180 degrees.


my mum just does cream cheese and salami, I like to use a spicy salami and add some sweet chilli, or chives to my cream cheese for extra flavour easy recipe and easy to muck around with. I do say some people have seen these and thought they would never like them, once they start eating them they just don’t stop.

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