Annabelle's BBQ Fruit Tart

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It’s easy to cook stone fruit on the barbecue. In the process you are giving early season fruit extra lusciousness as the cooking enhances the flavor considerably. If the fruit is not quite perfect you can get great results with a little sizzle!


1 pie plate or tin lined with Edmonds sweet short pastry
450g Puhoi Valley Vanilla Bean or Butterscotch Custard
4-6 nectarines, sliced
A generous knob of Tararua butter
A splash of brandy
2 Tbsp brown sugar


Pre- bake the pastry case by baking blind in a 200degC oven. To bake blind you place foil on top of the pastry lined container and place weights such as baking beans or beans onto the foil to weigh it down and bake for 15 minutes in the oven.
Take out of the oven and remove the foil and beans and return to the oven until lightly golden in colour – this will take another 8-10 minutes.
Let the pastry cool and then fill with the custard and top with the fruits.
To cook the fruit place the sliced fruit, butter, brandy and brown sugar in a pan and gently cook on the BBQ for just a few minutes then cool slightly and place on top of the tart.

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