Jade's Apricot Chicken and Cream Cheese Filo Baskets

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As a student I worked for Rata Cafe and catering in Cambridge, NZ under the Genius of a woman called Sarah.
I served Sarah’s very own version of this recepie as bite size entrèe nibbles and I fell in love with the flavours.
I went home to make my own version for my family and have continued to make it since, eight years have passed and it still is a hot hit with my family and friends. This recepie is versatile and easy. The marriage of sweet and savoury incased in delectable pastry then toped with delicious cream cheese. Add or take away any ingredients you like to suit. With love, enjoy!


1 packet of filo pastry (or rolled flakey puff pasty) Cut into squares to fit a 12 muffin tin 

2 chicken breasts or 3 s/l b/l thighs

1 tin of apricot halves

4 tbl spoons of apricot chutney (suggest Annothoth, home-made or your favourite)

100-250g cream cheese

Salt and pepper to taste (optional)

You can add other small chopped extras at your own choice i.e. capsicums, aubergine and courgettes or additional mozzarella cheese to top for cheese lovers.


Pre heat the oven

Set to bake at 150 degrees.

Fit the 12 pastry squares into a non-stick or greased muffin tin to create a basket.

Finely dice the chicken into 1cm pieces.

Lightly brown the chicken in a fry pan (or bake in oven untill cooked).

To a large bowl add the cooked chicken (salt and pepper to taste optional)

Add the apricot chutney.

Finely chop the tin of apricot halves then add to the bowl of chicken.


Using a teaspoon, add half tsp of cream cheese to each basket

Followed by a tblsp of apricot chicken mixture.

Top off each basket with another half tsp of cream cheese (use sparingly or lovingly).

Place in the oven and bake for 15-20m

Keep an eye on the pastry when it turns a light brown they are ready.

Let the tray cool and carefully remove each basket

Serve warm or cool.

Great as a main with a salad or entrèe as a party starter.

Great for all ages!

Best served with your friends and family!

The more the merrier, enjoy!

Tell us what you think of this Kiwi Fave!