How to Contribute

If you’ve got a great food idea, it’s easy to contribute it to Kiwi Faves.

Simply click add a fave in the menu bar at the top of the page to get started. You’ll need a few things you complete your fave including:

  • A name for your fave.
  • A list of the ingredients.
  • Instructions on how to make it.
  •  A photo of your food (or a person or place whom reminds you of your fave). Your phone’s camera should get the job done.
  • A photo of yourself.

While you’re here, we also want you to tell us what makes your Kiwi Fave so special to you. Is it an old family favorite, or a dairy treat the kids can’t get enough of? The more interesting the story the more likely it will be chosen for TV (and the more likely you will become New Zealand’s Kiwi Favourite!), so make sure you give us a good one. Good luck!

If you don’t have a food idea, you can contribute simply by rating and commenting on the favourite food ideas already shared by other Kiwis. Plus, save your favourite recipes so you can come back to them later.