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Kirsty's Chicken Chimwemwe

Grandma used to make this, Mum then changed it slightly so each daughter had a different flavored soup and named after them. I’ve now adapted it …

corn and bacon soup

Sonya's corn and bacon soup

i cant remember where i get it from but my whole family loves it

Susan's Homemade Vegetable Soup (cheats way) and Cheese Rolls

In the winter Mum always had a pot of Homemade Vege’ soup on the coal range. The Difference between Mum’s and mine, is mum made hers from …

Ronald's Hangover Cure Soup

Mum used to make this after particularly long nights.

Winter Goodness Pumpkin Soup

Ashleigh's Winter Goodness Pumpkin Soup

This recipe is not only passed on from my mum, but it was my grandmother’s, and I rang her today, and she mentioned it was actually her …

Catchy Carrot Soup

Jon's Catchy Carrot Soup

Aunt Marjory always had a pot brewing for Sunday supper.

Kelsey's The BEST Tomato Soup

Once Annabelle Langbein created her TV series my mother and I fell in love. It is a must watch every Saturday and I have fallen in love with her …