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Rob's Lettuce Penuttie Sammies with Avo

An old school cafe’ classic as far as I can remember. My kids love em especially with a healthy serving of peanut butter

The Great Roast Beef Sandwich

Samantha's The Great Roast Beef Sandwich

I love my sandwiches and this is my all time fave!!! Created by pure luck of the draw of whats in the fridge??? All food groups covered – bread, …

BLT Sandwich

Annabelle's BLT Sandwich

The classic BLT doesn’t have to be limited to a weekend toastie. Soft Nature’s Fresh bread makes this sandwich suitable for packing …

Melissa's Old School Classic Kiwi Crunch

Since I was a kid my mum always made the classic marmite and chip sandwich for us. Growing up all my friends thought it was strange that I loved …

Denz Special

Denzel's Denz Special

It was an idea at work and I just made it. It started to look better as the weeks went on.

Cream Cheese Salmon Sanga

Courtney's Cream Cheese Salmon Sanga

I love to be a good partner and send my man off to work with a decent lunch, after experiment I came across this goodie.

Corned Beef and Special Beetroot Sammie

Samantha's Corned Beef and Special Beetroot Sammie

The special beetroot recipe I had created to go as a side dish with BBQ steak. Not sure where I got the idea, I think it was just combining some …