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Robin's Easy Chicken Fettuccine

Maggie soup mix (changed abit tho),  all my family and friends.

nicola's Saucy Potato Salad

Sausy potato salad came from my ex-partner’s mother who used to make it for all her kids. It’s quick and easy and you can make a few …

Cannelloni Samii’s Style

Samii's Cannelloni Samii’s Style

I love pasta, but am not a big fan of cottage cheese. I love to mix things up a bit, and this is simple and delicous

My Pasta Casserole

Ethel's My Pasta Casserole

I made it up, make it alot during winter sometimes for lunch but mainly dinner, if you want a no meat dinner leave out the meat, we have it both …

Chunky Pasta Salad

Sherri's Chunky Pasta Salad

Being of Italian heritage, pasta has always been one of my favourite dishes. I was shown this version of pasta salad by my mother-in-law several …

Wayne's Chicken and Cheese Pasta

I thought of it because I like chicken, pasta, cheese and curry and I cook it for lunch or dinner.

Michael's Spaghetti Bolognese

The idea came from the mother in law. You use condensed tomato soup instead of a pasta sauce. This gives you a much richer favour. Plus you can …

Sarah's Pasta and Fish bake

My idea comes from the fact that when I made it first I managed to mix two different recipes together by accident! I didn’t realise it …