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Chicken Gangsters

Matt's Chicken Gangsters

I gave a few pieces to the bouys, ”Do you reckon this tastes like popcorn chicken?” ”Bro, it tastes better.” ”Mm hmm. Matty don’t burn no …

Cranberry Shortbread

Annabelle's Cranberry Shortbread

This is a fabulous recipe to make ahead of time – you can put these into jars and gift them at Christmas!

Gemma’s Magic Bread

Robyn's Gemma’s Magic Bread

Like most kids, Gemma only likes to cook things that are really easy and don’t make a mess. She found this recipe on Kidspot NZ that fits the …

Super Sushi Sandwiches

Robyn's Super Sushi Sandwiches

My kids love sushi, and often want it in their lunchboxes.  This take on it is a great shortcut if you don’t have time to cook and cool the…

Magic Cake

Cindy's Magic Cake

The name and recipe isn’t my own but is soo yummy and simple to make with the ingredients you already have. Great to take for a ’plate’ or …

Magic Pie

Daniel's Magic Pie

Daniel is only five, but he loves to cook! He came up with this recipe himself, using a basic impossible pie recipe from Grandma, tweaked with …

Kristine's Mini Filo Egg Bites

I was looking for something I could make for all three of my kids including my dairy free son. I usually cook this at the same time as I have …

Banana Custard & Blueberry muffins

Jodie's Banana Custard & Blueberry muffins

My Nanas special recipe and when we went to visit she would always have made all the grand children a special batch in the mini muffin tins.