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Very Berry Yum Yum

kasey's Very Berry Yum Yum

I made this recipe for my son’s lunches as he wasn’t eating fruit or his sandwiches during the day. So I decided to try something new and …

L.L CoooL J. *Live-Longer-Juice*

Pania's L.L CoooL J. *Live-Longer-Juice*

This recipe was made and contributed by my husband (33), my son (7), my daughter (4) and myself (28). I have a lot of health issues and both my …

Morning Glory Shake

Marion's Morning Glory Shake

Easy at home or camping breakfast, its fun when the kids help. Some mornings you feel like a quick healthy and fulling breakfast and this shake is IT.

Pre Match Berry Blast Smoothie

Xavier's Pre Match Berry Blast Smoothie

In the morning before training or playing we make these smoothies. Yogurt and Calci Trim keep them light and easy to drink, and the Manuka Honey …

Breakfast Brain Power Smoothie

Lisa's Breakfast Brain Power Smoothie

My idea comes from the enjoyment of being able to cram all my favourite breakfast goodies into one easy smoothie that I can drink at leisure or …

Delicious Berry Summer Smoothie!

Natalie's Delicious Berry Summer Smoothie!

This is a classic smoothie recipe that never fails and is guaranteed to be a favourite!!! Perfect for enjoying on a hot summer’s day, and …

Hope's “Go Berry Nanas” Smoothie

I like playing…and I played around…’til I liked the taste!

Banana Smoothie

Melanie's Banana Smoothie

It’s filling and quick to make – it’s a good source of calcium too and a sweet hit that’s lower in fat than a milkshake.