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Charlotte's Geggy Benny Kiwi Style

Eggs benedict without the holondaise and with tomato ketchup instead. What kiwi can be bothered making holondaise (as yummy as it is) at 9am on a …

Bacegg Wonders

Richard's Bacegg Wonders

Well Kiwi Bacon ran a Baconanza on Facebook with daily prizes, I won a 400g pack of streaky bacon and an apron. I didnt just want bacon an eggs …

Wendy's Egg in a Hole

This goes back so far I can’t even remember where I first had it. Every kid that’s passed through my house (son and a multitude of friends, …

Anytime of the Year Hot Cross Buns

Tony's Anytime of the Year Hot Cross Buns

I have been perfecting this recipe for years. Finally I think it might be good enough to share

Jenny's Noodle Omelette

When my sister and me were young, hungry and inventive we came up with this creation. Frying up our favorites, bacon, onion,mushrooms we wanted …

Corny Egg, Eggy Corn

Sally's Corny Egg, Eggy Corn

This is the ultimate comfort food. My mother used to feed it to me when I was a toddler – she said she could feed it to me while I was still half …

Easy Potato Nests

Kerry-Lee's Easy Potato Nests

I started making these as a variation on a hash brown when I was flatting and had limited ingredients. Has evolved over the years but its still …