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Chaz’s pasta with punch

Deb's Chaz’s pasta with punch

My wonderful sister created this recipe several years ago. It has deviated somewhat from her orignal recipe and with the huge variety of cheeses …

Hearty Hungarian Hotpot

Deb's Hearty Hungarian Hotpot

This idea was inspired by my Grandmother who was a dab hand at making tasty, warming hotpots. Had very traditional ideas that she bought with her …

Carnival Pompoms

Nara's Carnival Pompoms

I have created this recipe for a delicious, nutritious sweet/savoury treat that can be eaten during any part of the day as a most enjoyable …

Bread&butter pud with custard sauce

Tonee's Bread&butter pud with custard sauce

Mum, love to make it for the family and kids serves 6

Café de Café Cupcakes!

Samantha's Café de Café Cupcakes!

I’m proud of this recipe as I created it! After a few trial and error bake offs, I am happy with the final results! My recipe for these …

Ploughman’s  Perfect Pitas

Deb's Ploughman’s Perfect Pitas

Ploughmans lunch. A traditional in our Britsh family and a real favourite Great for filling the gap, however, can be a little too filling when a …

Deb's Apple turnovers

These are my Dad\’s favourite. He was the marketing manager of Ernest Adams and knows the tricks of the trade with pastry!!! My Grandfather …

Suva sammies

Deb's Suva sammies

My family and I fell in love with samosas when we were in Fiji. Never thought twice about ordering them when we had Indian takeaways but …